Broadway Youth Center (BYC) of Howard Brown Health is a haven for LGBTQ youth and young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

The Brief

The logo should be described as: Vibrant, gender-neutral, culturally-relevant, jovial, bold, optimistic.

The logo should convey a feeling of: Outspokenness but not overwhelming. Young and nimble. Joyous and warm. Youth should feel comfortable and motivated by it.

The logo should branch away from the association with brick textures and graffiti.

What Makes BYC Unique
BYC is a youth-led organization. The youth lead the design and programming of the organization.



Final Execution

The abstracted letters of BYC are entwined into a single mark. Inspired by African prints and patterns, this logo captures the connected relationships and interwoven services that Broadway Youth Center provides. The logomark is simple, clean and bold.